Killing The MG Tower 100% With A Nade!

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Killing The MG Tower 100% With A Nade!

Post  docattak on Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:02 am

Yep, 100% - this is a totally repeatable action lol!

Nading A Tower Instructions - Image

Result - Image

How To Find The Centre Lines
First of all, for many things requiring accuracy you need to know where the centre of your screen is! I've known players use string or fine cord, vertically and horizontally like a gun-sight - some move some of the on screen boxes and chat bar so they line up with the middle of the screen etc. Why do you need to know where the centre is? Well, it makes throwing nades at CPs and Towers easy!

If you don't have a way of knowing where the horizontal and vertical centre lines of your screen are then move the FPS box bottom as in my image and an easily seen line on your chat window! 2 bits of white cotton cellataped at the back of your monitor give a great cross-hair lol! Then it really is simple!




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