How Do I Create A Cross-Hair For My Monitor!

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How Do I Create A Cross-Hair For My Monitor!

Post  docattak on Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:52 am

Quite a few things, nading in particular, are very easy if your monitor has a cross-hair, so you know where the centre of your screen is and also, most importantly, whether you are exactly facing your target!

Making a cross-hair is simple and does not harm your monitor!
Get some thread, cotton (white seems best) and some cellotape (called something else in the USA - clear sticky tape that is used to stick parcels etc.).

Spawn in an ATG, set it up and bring up the larger gunsight - this will show you were your thread need to go. Line the thread up with the gunsight and tape it at each end on the back side of your monitor - do one thread horizontally and one thread vertically. The thread is thick enough to see and thin enough not to interfere in game or when doing anything else on your pc. Your screen does not get touched at all!

Now you are set to go and can become a nading expert in a few minutes.


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