Where's the Best Place To Practice Skills? Here's Exercises, Are You Good Enough Lol?

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Where's the Best Place To Practice Skills? Here's Exercises, Are You Good Enough Lol?

Post  docattak on Thu Jan 10, 2013 9:09 am

When practicing you don't want your target to blow up or else you are left looking for another target lol - you want to be able to repeat and repeat quickly. You would be undisturbed on the Beta server, or offline or ingame at an Allied town where there this no action. Offline doesn't allow FRUs so you need to respawn every 4 nades - live servers allow you to set a FRU next to your target for quick practice.

If you try offline there are some things even an ex CinC did not know!
- you can spawn into any town, not just the silly island it takes you to - find a cp then select a weapon - then select the cp and 'Enter World'

- you can kill axis infantry (only infantry) offline
- you can create non-moving/shooting axis infantry (or Allied) - spawn in as axis and hit the spacebar and it will create a clone of you (stationary but prone, running etc. as you were at the time you created him)

Some exercises for you :

Offline, clone a cp full of axis infantry
- see if you can sneel kill them all without then seeing you to get a kill (they can't shoot so honesty needed lol)
- see how your nade trough a window works

Set up clones all round an area of the town
- wonder round the town and practice hitting the deck and killing them - also going round corners etc.

Place axis inf in a cp in the places they might be when guarding - see which places you do not see when you enter the cp as you and others often do - is there a blind spot where they never see you but you see them? (yep there is one lol!)

Have fun

Remember - 30 mins thought about the game, or practicing a skill - improves your game far more than 20 hours playing lol!




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