How Do You Repair AIs As Safely And Quickly As Possible

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How Do You Repair AIs As Safely And Quickly As Possible

Post  docattak on Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:47 pm


First you need to be Level 3 or higher to spawn as an Engineer. Engineers have great fun, apart from repairing AIs they also blow up FBs!

First of all you need to use your in game map to find the AIs (or run all round the edge of town lol).
- go prone in the AI area (incoming ei ignore a ded AI lol)
- put a repair on the sandbags or the crates
- repeat until the AI is repaired (between 1 and 4 repairs)
- if you don't have enough repairs left despawn - do not get killed running around, Engineers are valuable - you will respawn close to where you where and can carry on repairing other AIs

How long are AIs down for : they self-repair in about 30 minutes. The amount of repair needed depends on how near they are to self-repairing (that's why it varies from 1 to 4 repairs)

How do I know what type of AI I am looking at?



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