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Post  docattak on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:39 am

Please make a separate thread for yourself, then you can add anything you want later!
Also, you can copy the format below to keep them the same. Note Thread Titles must be at least 10 letters long!

Name : docattak
Ingame Since : 2004
Location : Wirral, nr Liverpool England
In Game Times :
- around 09:00 - 10:30 most days
- around 22:00 - midnight most days
- any time I can get!
(all times are UK times)
What do I like doing best?
- FB busting
- town defending
- SMG is my favourite weapon, but the rifle is fast catching up
- I might do a bit of flying if I get time to get my 'gear' out

What do I want to do?
- get some good co-ordinated busts of active FBs, town defences and attacks
- sort out the best ways of doing these things, develop strategies
- find out about all the stuff I've never really done from guys much better than me (sniper, armour, fairmile, FRU hunting, armour killing)

I'm willing to train anyone who wants to learn, no matter how inexperienced

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FRUs & FBs Win Campaigns!



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Post  kolbfitz on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:01 am

Name : kolbfitz (pronunciation - corn on the "kolb" - fitz) Comes from Arizona Cardinals football team. Current QB is Kevin Kolb and WR is Larry Fitzgerald
Ingame Since : forever, off and on
Location : California
In Game Times :
-during the work week - 7PM PST
-weekends vary

What do I like doing best?
- Killing Axis
- Attacking towns
- Learning how to use ATR and taking down tanks
- I mostly do anything I can to try to help us win, whether it's fb busting, defense. Towing ATGs, setting FRUs. We do not have enough players doing the "boring, little things" that it takes to win - so I try to do my part to do those things. However, we all get the itch to drive the big tanks and planes every now and then Smile

What do I want to do?
-Develop a great squad. I like a squad that will do stuff together, but is not required to. I don't think we want a squad of yelling at teammates if they are not doing the same attack/defense as us. If you want to join up with us, great! If you want to help the team in a different town, thats great too!

-I am still learning how the game strategy works. The stuff that AHC does to move supply, decide which towns we need to attack, etc. So as I play more, just learning how those decisions are made is what I want to learn.

-Win! This game is the most fun when Allies are winning! Axis have been kicking our ass the past year and its time to turn it around. LET'S GO


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