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About The Squad

Post  docattak on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:59 am

The squad was newly formed in December 2012.

The idea was to form a squad with no officers (all officers of equal rank is probably better). The aim was to give players the freedom to come and go as they wished, to play with the squad or go elsewhere without any feeling of 'guilt' lol.

We are an Allied only squad as far as missions are concerned.

Our only rule is that members must show respect for other members and not spoil their game in any way - contravention of this rule is likely to lead to expulsion from the squad after a warning.

We are mainly an infantry based squad but flying and navy missions will develop more as we develop. We do what we feel is necessary for the Allied cause and will doubtless fly together, sail together as we feel the urge. Yes we will train guys in navy and air if they wish.

Once a new guy has shown his worth and character we will make him up to XO. All such guys can then recruit new guys. We only ask that recruits fit the type of guys we already have i.e. guys we feel that squad members will find easy to play alongside - inexperience is not a problem. I will train any level of noobness if the guy is obviously going to fit in - and I'm sure others will as well.

We do not openly recruit, in order to keep the whole squad's level of enjoyment as high as possible.

Final point - if any members have problems, things they don't like about the squad, way of improving etc. etc. etc. please just have a chat, don't let it fester:)

Our Aims :
- have fun
- to get better in as many ways as we can
- to do things with style!
- to create some really great teamwork, so you can log out thinking 'wow!'
- and for those who like this sort of thing, have good discussion about the strategy of taking a town, busting an active FB, defending a town etc.


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