AI - How They Operate, How To Kill Them, How To Avoid Them, AI Maps

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AI - How They Operate, How To Kill Them, How To Avoid Them, AI Maps

Post  docattak on Sat Jan 05, 2013 10:46 pm

I've been doing a lot of research into AI - this thread will contain :
- what kills them and how
- rebuilding times
- their limitations and how to take advantage of them
- some AI maps of small towns often attacked by Allied (this will expand as I get the time!)
- AI switching tells you where the ei are!

Basic types of AI :
- MG Tower
- MG Pit
- ATG Pit
- AA Pit

How to kill them :
MG Tower
- 1 nade - one thrown into top box - needs practice - help to follow! - you can get lucky with a few thrown into the base lol
- 1 HE satchel placed anywhere
- ATR - NO! - a very large number of hits might do it but I mean a VERY large number
- ATG (smallest) - 5 hits on top of tower
- Bazooka - NO! - again a very large number might do it!

MG Pit, ATG Pit, AA Pit
- 1 nade - 1 anywhere - stand in pit and throw vertically down (see *1* below if your nades are bouncing straight out!)
- 1 HE satchel placed anywhere
- ATR - 14 hits on man or crates
- ATG (smallest) - 2 hits on man or crates
- Bazooka - 2 hits on man or crates (close up)

*1* To stop nade from bouncing out of the pit lie prone facing and touching an object (not sandbags), then throw nade as straight downwards as possible and retreat (preferably behind the Pit lol) - this works every time

NOTE 1 : sandbags do not count as a hit - everything else does

NOTE 2 : shots from a rifle, SMG or LMG, even at the inf in the AI DO NOT WORK!
Everything in this game is killed when they are hit by a fixed total amount of energy, so 1000 hit from rifle fire might just do the trick. This is also why you sometimes kill an ei and don't get the kill. If I hit and ei and don't quite kill him (say 75% of the energy needed) and you then kill him - I get the kill - this explains a lot lol.

Rebuilding times :
They all rebuild in approximately 30 mins

Their Limitations :
All of the AI have limitations which make them harmless if you know them!
You are infantry
- MG Tower - will see you with severe limitations, see *2*
- MG Pit - will see you with some limitations
- ATG Pit - will ignore you completely!
- AA Pit - will ignore you completely!

MG Tower Limitations :
- it has difficulty firing down at the ground and only fires out to around 300m
- closer than 300m it cannot hit you if you are crawling
- you can stand up in front of it for quite a distance out lol
- if fires bursts of 4 secs and then reloads for 4 secs
- it has an arc of fire of only 60 degrees

So, when closer than 300m you can crawl for 4 secs and then run for 3 secs then hit the deck - wash & repeat - head straight for the tower - it can't can't hurt you!

Because it has an arc of 60 degrees this is 30 degrees either side of its central position - anything wider than this and you can run in with no danger - specifically you can run at it from either side or behind.

From a ground point of view the 60 degrees arc helps a lot. It also help to know that AI are placed pointing N, E, S, W, NE, SE, SW, NW only.

If you are heading North towards a town and you trigger an AI - shots coming from just right of dead ahead then run West and you will be wide of his arc of fire very soon (AI centre of fire will be S, you are over to the West a bit from that so a bit more West and you are outside his arc - going East would be suicidal lol)

Finally AI Maps
Many years ago some guy with 100's of hours to spare made an AI map for almost all of the towns in game!!! I've just done a couple and will do some more of towns currently being possible AOs if I ever get the time.

How do they help - it is easy to see the totally safe way into towns with little defence (obviously ei can kill you!). Remember AT Pits and AA Pits will not shoot an infantry, so there are obvious ways into a town. Also if you imagine the 60 degree arcs of fire, there are holes with no fire!


I will add a key to them when I get time
the square = MG Tower
the circle = AA Pit
the thin rectangle = ATG Pit
the curve = MG Pit

How did I research all of this? I went onto the Beta Server (runs the same as the normal server), spawned in and ran a FRU and then went hunting for the various AI types. Try using the info above and logging onto the Beta Server and run around until you learn how to stay alive lol!

Finally, once you are in the Axis town on an AO, start killing off the AI on the outskirts of the town and make it so much easier for your fellow infantrymen to reach town.


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