Links To Programmes/Webpages Useful When In Game

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Links To Programmes/Webpages Useful When In Game

Post  docattak on Mon Dec 31, 2012 10:59 pm

These are great for use before logging into game and some, especially [1] I always have open in my browser when playing (ALT+TAB lets you swap from one to the other).

[1] Use this to get uptodate info on AO/DO towns (Curtesy of Docattak) :
- whether cps are Allied or Axis
- whether FBs are Allied or Axis (so which cps are spawnable etc.)
- up-to-date kills for both sides in last 5 mins (so can tell how busy it is)
- kills for both sides in last 10 mins/hour (several minutes delay) (so can tell whether the action is increasing of dying off)

This is also very useful to decide which town to go to. The info is displayed to make it as fast and clear to use as possible.

[2] This shows all of the Brigade movements by Allied/Axis MOiCs (Curtesy of Docattak)
It shows :
- Brigade Name
- Town moved From
- Town moved To
- Who moved it
- When it was moved

This covers the last 1/2/3/4/6/8/12/16/24 hours and is sortable by time/ brigade etc.

It is helpful to see what is being planned by either side, also where a fresh brigade has been placed.

[3] This shows the cps captured by either side for current AO/DO since the start of the attack, when captured, by which brigade (Curtesy of Docattak)

This is helpful to see the pattern of the attack as it includes every time a particular cp has been captured. Even if you have just logged in you are up to date with what has happened.

[4] Current Game Map (Curtesy of Lagus)

The Lagus map shows the current campaign position (updated every 15 mins). It also show the number of towns won by each side in the last 24 hours, who owns each town, RDP info etc. etc. etc.

[1] & [4] are permanently open in my browser Smile


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